Affiliate Project X

All affiliate secrets exposed, once and for all!

I am about to do the unthinkable for any affiliate marketer, and that is ‘murder the hype’!

My name is Jack Ryan, and no; that’s not my ‘real’ name. I would really like to tell you my real name but I’m in an awkward situation where my real name will be mud for offering to share with you, probably the most potent secrets in internet marketing.

If you have found this page you no doubt are seeking to make money online as an Internet Marketer.

If you have heard good things about Affiliate Project X then you are on the right track. Affiliate Project X is one of the few affiliate education programs that is actually worth buying, so whoever you buy it through, you are doing well.

If I can just bore you for one minute!

The problem with finding a good affiliate education program is that not only 98% of them are crap, all of them are full of hype, and it’s no mystery that this hype is designed for one thing, to sell!

So even the top quality; highly valuable internet marketing programs are sold by hype, they have to; just to compete with all the rip off scams and schemes out there. Of course this makes it impossible for anyone to determine the true jewels amongst all the garbage as they all look and sound the same.

I for one hate internet marketing hype, hence this blog, so I am about to do the unthinkable for any internet marketer and that is give you an honest review on some of the best internet marketing education programs and strategies along with some highly valuable info that a lot of professional internet marketers shy away from sharing.

Affiliate Project X
is a great program; I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody who allready has a good basic understanding of internet marketing, but I am not looking to sell you this program, not just yet anyway.

If you’re a complete newbie, I would strongly suggest the Profit Lance program to get a solid foundation in all aspects of Internet Marketing before venturing into the more advanced concepts and strategies that Affiliate Project X offers. To give you some idea, I signed up for Profit Lance and was so impressed with the product; I quit my job to throw myself fully into the program. Some people would say that I was stupid, but I have achieved in three months financially what most would dream to accomplish in twelve. Anyway, if you are new to internet marketing I strongly urge you to sign up for the Profit Lance Program first and then when you feel ready to become a super affiliate, sign up for Affiliate Project X to go to the next level.

The above video reinforces the fact that if you are completely new to Internet Marketing, you would be better served signing up for Profit Lance.

If you have any doubts about Profit Lance look up a guy named Paul Archer, he was a construction worker before he started the Profit Lance program at 26 years and now clickbank regularly posts him cheques of and beyond $7000 American every two weeks, just google him! I think you would agree that’s an insane amount of money to earn in a fortnight, and to be absolutely honest I am nowhere near that level.......yet!

By now you’re maybe asking the question. ‘So what do you have to offer then Mr Jack Ryan’?

Well this is what is really going to blow your mind. I largely got my internet marketing degree from having a few of the most successful internet marketers as mentors. This is without doubt the best and fastest way to make it in the internet marketing game; the only problem is you really have to prove yourself trustworthy to a prospective mentor before you’re taken under wing, especially if they are highly successful and well known. I make no bones about the fact that this is probably the most unorthodox way of succeeding in Internet Marketing, and really most people don’t have the confidence, nor are bold enough to target well known and sometimes high profile internet marketers initially offering to do dog’s body, mundane IM work for literally nothing else than ‘personal’ mentorship and tutoring.

To cut a long story short, having worked so closely with a few of the most successful internet marketers on the planet, and having been around a very small circle of the world’s top internet marketers, I have accumulated a healthy number of their closely guarded secrets. The final few pieces of the puzzle if you like, which make ‘all’ the difference where raw monetary results are concerned. That is why I am not bothered with trying to impress you with hype.

These closely guarded secrets, some which are little more than many snippets of information, which would takes months of research to gather, and even longer to learn to use, are; and take my word for it, extremely valuable. A few of these secrets are really just innovative ways to use little known software tools to gain highly valuable insights into hidden and untapped markets, and I’m not talking about the google keyword tool. To be completely honest, the number and variety of what many would call insider secrets are simply too many to list here or too hard to describe how they are most effectively used here on a single post!

That is why I am offering to give these closely guarded secrets to you personally via email!

Of course there is a catch! There’s always a catch.

All I ask is that you purchase the internet marketing education programs, software tools and or ebooks through the links that I provide for you on this blog. But don’t despair just yet, what if I told you that with many of the software tools and ebooks and even high quality HD video tutorials, I have found ways to literally acquire these little gems for you for free! Yes for free, saving your hundreds of dollars!

Of course I am no Genie, and I haven’t found ways of getting ‘everything’ for free, but it’s not often that someone will show you how to get such highly valuable items and information without forking out a cent.

In any case, if you have found this blog you where looking for a good Internet Marketing program, well you now have the potential to get a hell of a lot more than you bargained for!

I look forward to giving you a proper review of Affiliate Project X for my next post.

Until then keep your ear to the ground and remember; there’s no charge for awesomeness!

Ghost signing out.....

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