Affiliate Project X Review

As I have promised, here’s my review of Affiliate Project X minus the hype.

In this project you truly are exposed to ‘some’ of the top secret methods used by Super Affiliates

It really is a step by step kind of deal, but in my opinion the program is not really suitable for anyone completely new at internet or affiliate marketing, especially if you’re new to the World Wide Web and the whole computer thing.

But for anybody who is right at home in front of a computer and has a good understanding how websites, domains and affiliate marketing works, Affiliate Project X is ideal.

Affiliate Project X thoroughly goes into how to get up and running a highly successful affiliate marketing campaign from A to Z, there is simply no ‘Fluff’ to be seen and you really have to concentrate HARD and sometimes go over sections of material twice if not three time to fully grasp some concepts and appreciate the importance of the steps and processes.

What I like about Affiliate Project X is that it gives you a definite direction and in no way throughout the product is it vague in any way. This product primarily focuses on affiliate marketing, which is the mainstay of most internet marketers, I know people love adsense and I’m by no way knocking adsense but if you’re just starting out in internet marketing or looking to get your income to lift off in a big way, then you really need to become a pro at affiliate marketing and there is no other product that I know of that will get you there faster than Affiliate Project X.

Before I started Affiliate Project X I had lost a lot of discipline and was getting a bit stale. I was short of ideas and generally seemed stuck, Affiliate Project X just seemed to give me a whole new direction and I started looking at ‘the small things’ which together made a huge difference. I quickly found a new lease on my marketing ventures now that I was armed with some very advanced yet simple to follow affiliate marketing concepts, I just couldn’t help getting excited. So much so that I was staying up till 2-3am every morning putting the concepts into practice and perfecting things which saw my income more than double.

Anyway I hope my review of Affiliate Project X has helped you decide if the product is for you or not.

If you decide to purchase Affiliate Project X, then do so from the links on this page. I will then contact you via email shortly after and ‘spill you the beans’ on all the latest ‘Super Affiliate Secrets’ that none of the Internet marketing Elite want the small fish to know about.

If you have already purchased Affiliate Project X and have yet to receive an email from me, please email me at silvrgreyghost@gmail.com and advise me of your purchase and I will promptly send you the most closely guarded internet secrets on the planet!

My next post will be on the very first and without the absolutely best internet marketing program out there! But till then keep your ear to the ground and be sure to read the customer emails of Affiliate Project X.

What some of the latest customers of Affiliate Project X have said....


"Project X is what I have been missing. I had trouble finishing
reading the whole thing because each part I had to stop and write all
my new ideas that were flowing on every single section before I could
read on.

Thankyou so much I have already made $1200.00 in the first 3
days.... I truly lucked out or is it the course? (we all know it is). Plus I have written 6 articles already just from your advise.

Every time I read it I get new ideas! Thanks again

Jack Leech (sent via e-mail)


"Chris, ...earned $1276.00 since January 15, 2007, with Affiliate Project X... this is simply the most straight forward information I have purchased. Your "take it as it comes" presentation makes you realise with the right information anything is possible...

I have initially directed my efforts on the Leech Method because it is very easy to duplicate and profitable. This with a steady effort to the "Workhorse Method" has levered my earnings even further. I only work at it part time and have seen an incredible profit of $1276.00 it the last 30 days.

I have worked at affiliate marketing part time for the past 6 months with little success. I have purchased other so called ‘Guru Information’ and put in more effort and come away very disappointed. It is so difficult to get useful information about affiliate marketing - its all fluff. Affiliate Project X sure has delivered…. keep up the great work and don’t loose your "take it as it comes" attitude.”

Glenn Garbett, MB. Canada - "Only the beginning..."

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