A Super Affiliates Guide

I have to admit that I am a super geek from way back.

So for me Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing in particular became an exciting prospect for me to enter into.

Fortunately for me I took to Affiliate Marketing like fish to water, and then scoring my big break by working for one very prominent hard core Internet and Affiliate Marketer, I’m not shy in saying that I have had it relatively easy. I have come across so many people who just can’t seem to string together a regular income from affiliate marketing.

The problem stems from the fact that to be a successful affiliate you really have to have extensive knowledge in so many areas. It would be great then if you could just download the raw unbiased information needed straight into your brain, wouldn’t that be great, no more guess work and no more wondering what you were doing wrong or rather what you weren’t doing right!

Well to my knowledge there’s no such technology available today where you can download all the information you need to be an ace affiliate. Though as strange as it sounds Pro Affiliates do produce such mental 'downloads' in the form of a “Brain Dump”.

A Pro Affiliate Marketer will regularly have one of these brain dumps, sounds nice doesn’t it?
Basically a “Brain Dump” is a load of information and ideas which an internet marketer puts to pen, analyses, strips down and then fleshes out and to test in the real world. Of course most brain dumps are simply used to purge a mass of ideas and information.

Well this is exactly how Affiliate Project X was born, it was a brain dump, which evolved into an experiment which then resulted into one of the most complete and powerful series of affiliate marketing strategies available today.

Affiliate Project X is truly an advanced product.

The methods and strategies outlined in the product are pure innovation and simple genius, to give you some idea of the detailed methods.

  • Leech - write reviews on different products and provide add on a valuable ‘free’ bonus that’s not available anywhere else and advertise on adwords. Affiliate Diary – target a niche while keeping a diary and build an opt in list of desperate buyers with an auto-responder
  • Workhorse – write reviews for products, optimize them for Google and collect commissions from residual traffic.
  • Spy in the night – spy on your competition and use counter intelligence to out-do them
    Copy the best – find the aces in a niche and emulate their practises and tactics
  • The opportunist – anticipate future niches and get the jump on them when competition is non-existent.

Chris thoroughly goes through every step to ensure you successfully make these strategies work!

Affiliate Project X also comprehensively covers many other advanced techniques to give the above techniques huge earnings momentum.

Some of the many topics and advanced techniques covered

Link Cloaking
Tracking Affiliate Sales
Copywriting tips
Adwords editors
Locating under the radar niches

By the time you are finished Affiliate Project X you will want to read it a second time just to make sure you have absorbed every single detail.

After learning all the techniques within Affiliate Project X you will have a greater appreciation of how Super Affiliates pull in those huge affiliate commissions month after month.

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